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Should I leave my batteries pluged in all of the time or should I unplug them when they are fully charged on my hydrolab surveyor?

I hava a Geo Pro 600 radio that won't work any more due to me switching the polarity on the 12V battery that was connected to it.

I have two Sokkia BDC46A battery packs I need re-celled and probably need to purchase one more. Do you all re-cell them and sell them?  Thank you Gene G. Orive Jr. Mejia & Rose Inc Brownsville, Texas 956-544-3022


does anyone know where to get a battery for the georadio (the one on the pole)? Mine is going, going, gone.

what does it mean when the temp light comes on on the charging cradle?


What adapter or cable if any do you use to connect a TSC2, TRIMBLE 5600, AND

what cable is needed to connect a TSC1 to a Trimble georadio

I have an extra long cable made for a Trimmark 3 if I upgrade to a HPB450 can I still use the cable from the old system?


What can be done if the wrong charger was plugged into your tsc2 data collector?

What is the pinout for the Geodimeter CU to the DB9 connector on a computer and/or the DB9 connector of the TSC2?


I have a Trimble Nomad data collector with a new LM 80 program installed. When I try to open the program its starts to open it and load but then just closes out and returns to the main menu. I tried it several times, reset it, and took the battery out and it still won't open. What could be the problem?
Is it possible for a TRIMBLE NOMAD 900LC Data Collector with Windows MOBILE 6.1 , 806 MHz processor, 128 MB RAM, 1024 MB FLASH MEMORYRS232, USB, CAMERA WIFI, BLUETOOTH, GPS; with SURVEY PRO max 5.3 and survce 2.58, operate a trimble S8 total station. If its possible whats the connectivity range between the two?

What is the hardware difference between Ranger and TSC2? Can Ranger have 2.4Ghz radio?

Will the used TSC2 data collector run the used 5603 robot in prism less mode?

We have a TSC2 with SCS900 and would like to have Survey Controller installed. Is that possible? If it is, what will the cost be?

I have a LM80 with version 3.1 of the software. When I shoot a measurement for layout the attached Nikon DTM-310 displays the correct distance but the LM80 reads the distance short; ex., the total station reads 44.985' but the LM80 gets it as 43.128'. My question is: will a software upgrade fix this problem and if so what would it cost? The LM80 was supposed to work with this total station but there is apparently a problem with this level of the software.

I am trying to use a TSC2 with Trimble 5800 receiver and I get the message "receiver does not support handhelds". What do I need to do in order to get connectivity?

We are using a Trimble 5603 and TSC2. We loose communication after 450'. We have tried changing antennas. The internal module/antenna cable was replaced in 2009. What would be the cause of this? Would sending the instrument in for calibration/tuning help?

TSC2 worked for a few hours in 20 degree weather, was manually turned off, and will not turn back on. Was fully charged last night. Any ideas how to fix it?

what is the vertical accuracy of Trimble TSC2 data collector

Are Carlson data collector compaatible with Nikkon total stations?

I am trying to connect my tsc2 to my 5600 using the internal radio in the tsc2.

how to connect Tsc2 using trimble access and bluetooth to S8 total station?

How I can run Geodimeter 5600 semirobotic using trmble TSCe data collector

How do I locate a deleted job file on the TSC2?

Is there anything that you can do in the field for a TSC2 that has had the touch screen quit working?
How do I connect a Trimble TSC2 to Sokkia total station?
Do you sell battery packs for the TSC2 and if so how much are the?
Can the TSC2 running either Trimble Access or Survey Controller run with a Leica 1200 or 1100 series robotically with external radios? Thanks this is a great service.
How do you do a line to line intersect on the TSC3?
I bought a second hand trimble robotic SPS 630 with a TSC 2 contollor with sps900 software running on a windows 5 mobile file operating system. If I buy the trimble survey contoller ver 12.49 and download in on the TSC 2 contoller, would it work with the SPS630. Where can I buy survey contoller Ver 12.49 at a fair price?
How do you connect a TSC2 to a PC?
I had recently updated the software on the TCS2 and now I can't initialize......Any solutions?
While setting up survey styles in a TSCE 12.49 controller all input of US SF are automaticaly changed into meters. Is there a way to change - so read out is in US.SFT
I just bought a Recon with Trimble LM80 and am trying to see there is a way to get it to communicate with a Top Con GTS 313. Any suggestions?
How I can download files from Ranger datacollector to pc with windows 7
How do I unlock the screen on a Trimble TSC3?
What is the key stroke to be able to use attributes with our touch screen?
What type of memory card does the Trimble LM80 take?
The TDS Recon I have does not have the Nikon Nivo on the instrument list. What should be my settings to make the Recon communicate with the Nikon?
How much is a license for ACCESS on a TSC2?
Can the LM80 Layout Manager software be added to any Trimble Nomad or does it have to be factory installed?
If I buy a Trimble Nomad with the LM80 software installed will I still need to purchase the LM80 desktop software?
How do I connect a new cell phone to the Trimble TSC2 for use as VRS?
On a Trimble TSC3 how and what does the EDM compensator work or how do you use it to get your instrument S6 to match a base line?
I am having trouble connecting my TSC3 to trimble geo office. I have a brand new computer and had to reinstall the Geo office program. Someone told me that trimble is trying to phase out geo office by not letting it load on a new PC. Anyone know anything about this?
Why are the Trimble TSC3 data collectors, updated last year, crashing?
I tried to update LM80 on my Recon and the new install deleted the old version and now the new version is not compatible with the CE.NET 4.1 on the Recon , I also tried downloading the new LM80 to a newer Recon and the Key option from the older LM80 will not work with the new LM80 . can I get an old version lm80 that will work with my key code or a new Key for the new LM80 ?
How do you unlocked the screen for a trimble tsc 3?
can SPS620 (construction orientated model) talk to TSC3 running Trimble Access? I've heard rumours that a code can be obtained to enable communications
How do I transfer a list of points from the Trimble TSC3 to a SD card? I'll be using a flash not a computer.
Is there any way to unlock the keypad lock without using the touchscreen in Trimble TSC3?
How can I unlock the key board for a Trimble TSC3?
Can you sell a display for a TSC2?
Where can I get a point list for are Trimble TSC3 data collector?
Is there any issue to install Trimble Access on a TSC2? Are both fully compatible?
I have enter the wrong station data in my TSC3 for my total station I was sat up on A and back sighting B but reversed the order when setting up the job. I didn't realize this until I was back at the office with the data there a way of editing the station setup in either TBC or the TSC3 so a resurvey is not necessary? thnks in advance for your help
I am wondering if there is a way to edit total station setup after a survey was completed. The station coordinates were keyed in wrong. I was trying to see if this could be done in TBC or on the the old days you could go into DC file editor but I don't see that on TBC...Any suggestions?
What would be the cost to change the casing and touch screen for as tsc2 trimble data collector


We have a Trimble 5603 total station and can not seem to be able to get our TSC2 with an interanl radio to hook up. The total station radio connects without a problem but we have yet been able to get the TSC2. We have matched another TSC2's setting to this TSC2 but no luck. Any suggestions?
What is cost for TSC2 screen replacement?
I have a Geodimeter 620. The power plug 4 prong connector is worn in the base of the unit and needs to be replaced. Is it possible to purchase the entire female plug unit that is held by two screws without sending in instrument? Please advise.
I have a Sokkia C32 builders level and the spindle it rotates on is not at a true 90 degree angle to the instrument . Can this be repaired and how much would it cost?
Can you replace the front housing (key pad) on the TSC2? If so how much would that cost?
I have a Topcon laser Rod Eye Pro that has got wet and quit working. Can it be Fixed?
How much for a new TSC2 screen and key pad?
My Nikon DTM 310 is not sending the info to my data collector. I tried changing the cable of connection, I used another data collector and neither worked, so by doing that I noticed that the problem is in the instrument (NIKON). How can this be fixed????
I have a TSC2 that has needs to have the keypad replaced. How much is one going to cost and can I replace it without sending it in?
I have a TSC2 that needs the keypad replaced as well as a dead spot on the touch screen that needs to be fixed. What would be the approximate cost and time to fix these problems?
Hi, My TSC2 touchscreen is acting up, I align it and it works for a while then just randomly picks items near what you have tapped. Is this a problem? Repair?...Flash the system?
My trimble controller touch screen is not able to respond to the soft tap of the stylus pen.
My TSC2 data collector does not turn on when I press the green button. The battery light is green when I charge it. Can the battery be bad?
The screen on my Trimble data collector was shattered. Can it be replaced or do I need a new unit? It is a Nomad.
The alignment on my Trimble TSC2 data collector has gone. Is there anything I can do to fix it myself?
I have a Nikon 330. System error Flashing vrf error. What is going on?
I have a total station Nivo 2m series. I would like to clean the lenses to make sight very clear. How do I remove those lenses? Can you please help or guide me? my email:
I was updating the frequencies file into a Trimmark3 with winflash. It showed me an error message, then the trimmark3 only shows * (asterik) on the display. Can it be fixed?
Do you work on TopCon instruments?
I have a Topcon GTS605 total station which needs repair/service. It is telling me there is a vertical angle measuring error. Do you repair Topcon. Any idea on cost.
In cold weather, the touch screen on my Trimble TSC2 fails to respond. Any solutions?
How do I calibrate the Trimble cb450
I own a an old (circa 1995-6 Spectra Physics Geodolite 504 total station) that has been in storage for 17 years in it's original case without a battery in it. When I fired it up the screen reads "ERROR 54" and none of the key-pad keys work. What is the issue? Any assistance would be appreciated and if service is required, can you do it and get the instrument back to normal working order?
Can you sell me a touchscreen for ranger tsc3?
I have a Nikon NE-20S that will not turn on. I replaced the batteries with two sets and nothing happens. I took it apart and the on/off switch is getting power. Can you fix this ? Tim
Can you repair a Trimble Georadio 600 h25 0,1?
I have a Nikon DTM-322 5", 18 month used, it giving me a weak signal and is not measuring more than 100 meters, can you repair this????
Hello, I have a Spectra Precision Laser that is not charging properly as well as a couple screws are missing. Who can I send this to for repair?


How can I tell if my R8 Model 4 radio is a transmit, receive or both radio?
Can a R8 base\rover work with cell modems? I have a R8-4 with TSC3 w\modem for a rover and a R8-2 base with an internal modem.
Recently purchased a R8 model 3 gnss receiver with a tsc2 with access. I've been using a 5800 with a tsc2 with survey controller for a long time and never had issues connecting to our VRS system. The r8-3 will connect with the tsc2, will show a flashing green radio light and will state waiting on data from the base, which does not come. The tsc2 will keep flashing "waiting on L2 svs at rover" I doing something wrong or is something screwy in the receiver....thanks for any info..

Can you guys repair Trimble 4000SSE's and Trimble 4400 receivers?

the receiver 5700 have off batten and blue,what is the work of the blue one

Wanting to know what all comes with the Trimble R6 GPS system (i.e. TSC2 data collector, range pole, etc.) - thank you.

I see that the trimble s8 has a prism mode and a relfectorless mode called (DR). what does DR stand for?

I purchased 4 R8's from a municipality. I am interested in having them checked out. I just need to know they're functional and what "SPECS" these units have. Any idea of the cost just to look at a unit and verify it's OK?

where can I get a replacement disc or a download geomatic office from the internet

What's the difference between the S6 and SPS710?

What are the specs difference between the Trimble SPS 700 and SPS 710

If I have an R8 rover that has the frequency range 430-450, can I get it switched to 450-470? If so, is that a service that you can provide?

I have multiple real estate parcels. please recommend equipment to purchase model and type to produce my own surveys.

Need a Trimble S6 backup battery change after some period ,(like the model 5600) every 2years or not? thanks for answer milan

Can I use an antenna that is for frequencies 450-470 with my Trimmark III that has frequencies 430-450? If not, do you sell the antennas for frequencies 430-450?

is the R8 GNSS compatible with the Carlson Survey software?

If I lease the Trimble R6 pkg, does it come with a base and rover?

What are the possible reasons for receiving such radio errors?*RAdio link down) I use it in collaboration with NetR8 receiver. The performance had been okay until two weeks ago. Each time I use it in open areas, it keeps on saying "Radio Link down". It's making my work to take longer than necessary. I don't know why and there is no infor on the same subject. Please help

Do you have a monthly rental rate on your R8 units?

I have been trying to find the part number for a 5800 receiver so it can be used as a rover. I want the part number to ensure the correct part is ordered. Can you please advise? Thanks is advance.

Can I run a SPS930 (like S8?) on Trimble Access or Survey Controller? If not, can the firmware be updated to make it think it is an S6 or S8 so it will?

I need to survey levels on an offshore oil platform. The work will include positioning the boundaries of an equipment protection structure and checks on levels of steel pipes and hull structures in the area. Can you reccommend appropriate equipment?

What is the difference between gps receiver and gps rover

With trimble R8, how many seconds or minutes it take to coordinate a station?

Do you lease the Spectra Precision Epoch 50? If so, what would the cost break down be?

Do you offer replacement parts for Sokkia Total Stations? Specifically, I am looking for a lens cap for a Set530R3.
Does the Trimble R3 really obtain sub centimeter accuracy? If so, will it perform under tree canopy?
I am an engineer and want to do a topo survey of my mom,s property. I have a survey. need contours. What do you suggest?
How does the base, rover and controller work together to ensure GPS point positioning?
We are interested in precise GPS measurement of a vehicle moving from a few MPH to up to 70 MPH. I know Martin primarily provides surveying instruments but are there any data collection systems that would help solve this? we are interested in short-term (rental) solutions. Thanks!
My Trimble TS305 does not like to work in warm weather. It displays an error message 042. Can this be repaired and how much will it cost?
Do you sell Trimble Geomatic Office and Trimble Access software?
I need a laser measuring device that will measure straightness and elevations of either Train rails or Crane rails.
Do you have an office location in the New Orleans, LA area?
What kind of battery is the internal battery of 5600 Trimble instrument?
Do you have a 2' TNC to TNC cable?
Do you sell the new trimble base radio that conforms to the FCC Bandwidth rule?
I am currently using the Survey Pro version 4.4 program and I need to know if I can setup at any location within the jobsite to get the points to figure out a layout?
My builder's level won't stay level when turned off it's original position. I tried tuning it level by adjusting the screws at 90 degrees but it keeps going out as I turn it. Is there a trick to fixing this? Thanks
How do I find out what version of software/hardware version is on my Trimble R8 GPS receivers?
Trimble S-6 and TSC2 have been working great, out of the blue I keep getting radio link down at 100'+/-. All batteries charged and channel and ID match. Any Thoughts?
My Geodimeter 600CU stopped working. When it's on the total station, it just blinks the back light. When connected to the PC, it puts a message on the display which says: LOAD PROGRAM. What is the problem and how can I fix it?
Is there a pdf file with instructions on how to use and operate the Trimble handheld survey unit ?
I have a Trimble multi channel 360 prism for the ATS. Will it work with my 5600 DR200? Trimble 571181586 MULTI CHANEL TRACK TARGET ATS 360 ROBOTIC
Hello I have an older David Wright 8300. It needs calibration and possibly lens work or replacement. Cannot see cross hairs anymore. Do you have a Miami location?
I have a spectra LL 300 that won't level itself.
My Nikon DTM-521 has been locking up the last week. Weather has not been below freezing and I have to disconnect battery to wake it up again and it just locks back up when I try and shoot a distance. I have deleted all the stored jobs and calibrated in the "menu" and I'm lost now. I looked in my owners manual but there is no "troubleshooting" in it. I also sent it off last year to have professionally calibrated. Any ideas.
I am looking for a key pad (V1) for a Sokkia set 4 110R. Would you have 1 or know where I might find one? This instrument is about 8 years old.
I am looking for a system that will allow me to put down a receiver and from a distance, within 10-25 cm accuracy, tell me exactly where the receiver is. What do I need?
I have a spectra physics laser and wondering if you repair them?
I noticed the 5600 2.4 GHz radio question of the 10 January. Must the 2.4 GHz radio be used with the Geo 600 in the 450 MHz band or does it need an upgrade as well? I was a bit confused by your answer. If that is so then what is the point of upgrading?
I have a 5603 DR 200. I also have a second 5603 DR200 that is not working, but has a tracker unit. Is the install of the tracker on my working unit straight forward? Does the instrument also need a firmware update? Where I live Trimble no longer support the 5600. My question the other day about the 5700 error log problem I solved by downgrading the firmware download and the download a freash copy of the latest firmware I am allowed. No error log and it is working fine. Thanks for your help.
Can you get a GPS lock when it's really cloudy?
Will a 5700 rover work with a Trimble micro centred antenna, the one used with the 4700.
Can a Trimble R8 GNSS rover be configured to work as a second rover for a Trimble R6 GPS system? Or could the Trimble R8 be used as the base and the two Trimble R6 units be used as two rover units? If so, what are the advantages/ disadvantages to this setup?
Does the S3 total station work with SCS900?
How do I extract photos taken while surveying with my TSC3? Where those photos go and are they attached to the job folder?
How do I unlock my Trimble TSC2 controller?
I am looking for the part number for the complete battery charger unit (the inner and outlet cables inclusive) for Trimble 3600 Total station series.
What is the cost for a standard calibration for a Trimble 5601 DR 200+ ?
How do you export a job using the trimble S6 DR plus controller in string out method to a PC??
I just did a factory reset on my tds 500x ranger and now the wifi won't work. Is there something that needs to be turned on.
Do you rent Trimble GPS equipment? If so, how much?
Can I use a TSCe with a Geodimeter 440 or 620 to upload calculated points for staking?
How do I find out what version of software/hardware version is on my Trimble 5700 GPS receiver? How do connect it to my laptop using winflash? I am trying via winflash but it's not recognizing the receiver (using USB)
We have a SeaFloor Systems RTK capable hydrographic unit. It looks like we need one of your GPS Base/Rover/Controller systems to make this work in real-time. Please advise as to what we need to acquire. R. Scott McClintock, Sr., RPLS, PLS Nome, Alaska
I am having issues with my Trimmark 3 Radio. I use a Trimble 5700 set up. On my radio I am getting a code that I have never seen before. It keeps flashing sync and trans in the upper right corner when the base set up is started. I should only be getting a flashing trans. what does this mean and how do i fix it? also, I have Winflash and I can connect my 5700 recievers to my computer this way but I am unable to connect my radio due to not having the Trimmark 3 available in the selection box in Winflash
For what application is Trimble's R3 intended? What accuracy can one expect from the instrument? Tom Rollag
How do I get my R8 Model 3 receiver to transmit and change my HPB450 radio so it will receive a signal from the base and repeat, (a repeater) the signal to my Rover?
Can I get firmware for Geotracer 3220?
How can I pull off the CF card from the slot of Trimble TSC2 controller?
I need to rent GPS survey equipment. Do you only rent Trimble GPS?
I have a Trimble 5800 system and a Trim Mark 3 radio. We bought the system new in 2005, we are starting to to have radio connection issues. Seems like the range of our system has dropped of as well. We are using the original antennas and cables. Could this be a factor ? Also, is there any (affordable in this economy) way to "boost the horsepower" with our existing system ?
I have a Trimble 4700 that I would like to configure as a base station. The problem that I have is that I have a TSCe that shows Survey controller v11.4 but it won't open and run. As a consequence I can't configure the 4700. The alternative would be to connect to a PC to do the configuring but I don't know what software would be needed on the PC to do this (and which Windows versions are supported).
How can I connect my rugged handheld (win mobile with usb port only) to any total station? In this moment I am searching a software but my problem are port and cable? What cable do I need?
How do I capture static data? How do I retrieve that data? Can you give me a link that will offer that info. We are going to be attempting static control with R-8s
Do you buy used Trimble units?
Can a Trimble Blue Cap adapter for a TSCe collector be repaired if they don't work
What is the difference between Model 1,2 and 3 of the TRimble R8?
How long does it take to get a response to questions ?
I have business center ver 1.12 and would like to upgrade to ver 2.40. Where can I find a full version of 2.40 to download?
Where should we place a GPS antenna on a mini van?
How can I save a Trimble MS750 Receiver data to convert to rinex linked to a base station?
Will the TSC2 data collector with survey controller version 11.5 and higher work with the Trimble SPS 700 series robotic total station?
I own a Trimble 5600 and am having trouble with the long range signal. Antenna attached to instrument or completely off. After about 300 feet I lose all connection and instrument goes local. Anything you can help me with would be greatly appreciated.
Is there an antenna power booster jn the Trimble 5603 robot? My radio works fine with another Trimble but with mine it goes local at 400 to 600 feet if I take the antenna off. What can cause this?
What instrument is capable of accurately locating points in a field for tracking irrigation sprayer heads etc. and could also be used for laying out accurate points for house construction ie: elevations for footings and checking for "square". What would a system capable of doing this cost and how accurate would it be? Could I easily bring the information gathered into an autocad drawing?
How do I get the Trimble S6 robotic total station to lock onto and track the 360 prism?
We are about to purchase new cell phones to be able to blue tooth to our tsc2 data collectors so we can use RTK with out the base. What is the best phone for this use? what is the best waterproof/shockproof phone for this use?
How much to replace a screen for a Trimble TSC2?
Nikon ne20s why is screen black?
How can i can find a battery charger of DTM 522
I have a SPS880 receiver and a TSC2 with Survey controller. I have not changed anything other than the receiver in the settings (I was previously using a 5800). When I try to start a survey my only options are start base receiver, site calibration, or end GNSS survey. I am usint the rtk network as my base via an internet connection on a mifi device. Is there a step or setting change I am missing?
Can you compare the SPS930 and the Trimble R8?
Why won't my Trimble 4000ssi receivers lock on to the satellites?
I have a Trimble S6 and it has been working fine. I set up yesterday and took a backsight and it showed my distance being off 0.95 feet on a 600 foot shot that I know the distance is good. I got a bad distance out of no where. Any ideas?
What type of GPS locator equipment should I utilize if wanting sub-1' accuracy?
Are either Trimble GPS or Trimble Robotics affected by the FCC Narrowband Emissions Compliance Mandate? (25 kHz to 12.5 kHz)
How much should I expect to pay for a cleaning/calibration of a Trimble 5600?
Can I upgrade my Trimble HPB450 to comply with new FCC rules
What is the reason the range from my base to rover is reduced in colder weather?
I am using a 882 with a Trimble TSC3 and SCS900 when I changed to 12.5 bw and set my radio to trimark3 at 9600 baud rate everything works till I use SCS900 to set up a base then it changes the setting to timark2 at 4800 baud rate . The only way to get it back is to use winflash . This is a problem because after useing winflash you have to set up the base again .
What is the biggest bang for my buck with the latest and greatest GPS systems ( 1 base & 1 rover ) out there today ?
I have a brand new Trimble TSC3 and brand new Trimble R4 recievers . I can connect the two via bluetooth but the two are not recognizing each other hence can't perform any survey.
Hi My name is Ross How do I change the epoch collection rate on my R8 version 1 reciever.
Can I operate my Trimmark 3 radio (R8 model 1 rover and 5700 rover) at 25 kHz at 19200 bps? If so, can I make those modifications with Winflash or do I need to take my receivers and radio to my dealer? Thank you very much for your response.
Can I charge a tsc3 through the USB cable an laptop/PC? Thanks!
We have a project in which we will work within large sports stadiums. We need to determine the distance and angle from the center of the field to various points around the stadium. Do you have a recommended system? The optimum system would allow one person to place a target in the middle of the field and then move to various locations to obtain the measurements.
What is the accuracy of the Trimble R3?
Would a weak base battery cause me to lose radio link ?
Is it possible to use the TSC2 controller to a R10 Receiver?
How much is the extended warranty for a TSC3 and do you offer The Roads Module?
I have an old Geodimeter 4000 with an internal radio H46 B and a Georadio H25 are these two radios compatible?
What data collector can be used with an older Geodimeter 4400 robot and what cables would be needed?
Which Trimble (not spectra) controllers can work with spectra Epoch 50 Many thanks
I own a Trimble 5800 GPS base receiver and a Trimble 5800 GPS rover receiver. How can I activate the internal radios?
Do you stock the Trimble stakeout pole PN#61586-10
How much are you weekly lease rates for the S-6?
Can you give me an estimate for an internal battery replacement cost for the Trimble 5603 DR200 model?
Do you have a payment plan or a finance company you use?
My TSC2 running Survey Controller v12.50 won't store a stakeout for a line. It will allow me to stake out a line by two points, but the moment I go to store the as staked point it reports the error message of "Transform node failed for style sheet: DefaultLine.sss" while using R8 GPS and reports a different message when using our S6 Robot. I tried to re-install v12.50 and the language packs, but still get the same error. Any ideas?
Where can I get a replacement battery for Trimble 3B
Where can I learn more about Trimble Business Center 3.21?
What type of Coax must be used for GPS antenna wire.
Can I use a TDL 450 as a repeater if I have a Trimark 3 as my base. Will it pick up my Trimark 3.
Will the Trimble S6 total station work with the Remote Target 606 (RMT 606)?
I have an old Geodimeter 620. I'd like to use it with the ACU. When I push the power button, the geodimeter turn on for a second, then the power turn off, and the ACU run using the internal battery. I heard that the instrument my have old firmware. Is it upgradeable? This is a GDM 620 571 202 002.
I have a Leica 503 builder that I am selling do you know anyone Who buys used equipment.
Can the Trimble Tablet 2.4 GHz Radio (Rest of the World) P/N:80670-00 be repaired?
what setting to use on the recon if trying to survey conventionally with a geodimeter
Base started but rover doesn't connect to data collector and the green light doesn't turn on what can I do
I'm looking to setup a semi permanent repeater on my job. I am looking to set it up on a power pole. I will be putting my tdl 450 into a water resistant box. How would you recommend my box to be built so we can minimize any issues? Thanks


I just bought a Spectra precision laser HV101 used. Brought it home and does not turn on. probably was dropped. I checked with a local repair co. and they didn't want to deal with it. I can't believe that there is no way to repair it in any way. such as, circuit board, motor,or something. please give me hope. Steve

I own a hv401 spectra laser level and I had to change out batteries and it quit working. Is there a way to reset level?

Can the laser be set up in the middle of your project when you are working with slope?

I'm looking to have my Trimble LL500 and receiver HR500 reconditioned and was wondering about pricing. The receiver will require a new on/off button along with a new touch pad. The laser need a general going over can you give me any idea about pricing...thanks Dane Weiss
Is there a safety issue (eye safety) in using total station and laser equipment?
Need to have a Spectra Precision Laser 1452XL checked for calibration and adjusted if needed. What would the cost of the service including shipping to 21078 (Maryland) be? Thank you for your time, Tom Burden


I had system error in my nikon dtm 521. I reset the instrument, now my distances are incorrect.



I am looking for the black box Trimble active backsight. Do you have one


My M3, with Access v 1214.12 will not Bluetooth with my TSC, Access v 1214.00. They find each other, but won't pair, or connect. Ideas?
When connecting to my S6 with the TSC2 I get the message; "This instrument is due for servicing, please return to your Trimble Dealer..." Is this just routine service interval or is the instrument detecting a problem? Everything seems to be working fine.
I am having a couple of problems with my S6 D3 Robotic total station. 1. The EDM (distance in feet) is off by about 3.5' in 60' or 30'in 300' 2. My optical plummet will not focus. It seems to change with the twist, but it will not focus.

What is price to upgrade 5600 to 2.4Ghz radio?

I recently purchased a used Geo 600 robotic inst. but my radio range from rod to gun is only 350ft.-500ft. max. Is this normal? What can I do to increase range inexpensively?

Do you calibrate and repair this instrument?

I have two older radios: Trimble Georadio H46 B and Geodimeter Georadio 600 H25 0.5 . Can I use any or one of then with the Trimble 5600 /2,4GHz/ robotic total station? many thanks for answer milan

I have a Spectra Precision Georadio QL that I use with a Zeiss S-20 robotic that communicates with the instrument in all respects (turns, searches.etc.) but doesn't seem to activate the Quick-loc on the rod. The Quick-loc is funtional as it works with other radios, cables and Zeiss we have. Is this something that could repair the radio. Thanks Mike

Do you handle Spectra Precision products?

Do you Lease Trimble Sps 710 Robotic Total Stations.

I am in need of routine service on a Geodimeter 610 series robot that your shop has serviced a few times in the past. David Barrow Surveying & Mapping, Inc. Key Largo

I have a Focus 10 ( Spectra Precision) Total station. I can not get it to connect a TSC2 (Trimble) build 12.46 survey controller. Any work around for this?

Can you upgrade the 5800 to receive L1/L2 satellites ? If so how much would it cost? Regards, Dave

Can I run Trimble survey controller (latest version) on a Trimble Recon 400x in conjunction with a Trimble 5063 robotic with external 2.4 radios?

Is there a way that i can control my Trimble M3 Total Station with a TSC2 Data Collector?

How can I bring back the lost light signal of my Niko DTM-450?
Where can I buy an external radio for Geodimeter 610 - .5 ghertz?
How can I bring back the lost light signal of my Niko DTM-450?
Can you run a SPS 610 with survey controller 12.49?
How do I install a 90 degree eyepiece onto a Trimble 5600?
I'm having trouble getting a data collector to talk to an instrument. I have a HP48 SX with a SMI CVCE card and a Nikon DTM 300. I'm using a cable labeled Nikon. The instrument is freshly cleaned and calibrated and has a fully charged battery. The calculator also has fresh batteries. The SMI manual I'm using says the software will support Nikon TopGun instruments but doesn't specifically list the DTM 300. There don't seem to be any other parameters set in the calculator other than selecting "TOPG", and I ca
Will Trimble Access work with Trimble 571181586 MULTI CHANEL TRACK TARGET ATS 360 ROBOTIC and the 5600.
Is it possible to use the SPS 710 with the TSC2 data collector?
I need to connect my TSC2 to a Trimble 600 georadio. I need to connect robotic to my 5600. What cable do I need and do you have one?
Can a Trimble 5600 using the old style georadio 600 be upgraded to a 2.4 ghz radio and used in conjunction with the internal radio of a TSC2 or TSC3?
Can you give me a price for an S6 (SKU S6352200) with "vision", a TSC3 and a multitrack prism?
i need to adjust the tracking on the 5603. how do i do it?
I have a SPS851 Base with 3.64. Need cost to upgrade to current firmware.
Will the TSC3 with internal radio connect to a Trimble S6?
How can we configure the Spike prism with a total station? If we do dimensional control survey on free station method then how can we process data? Please note we are working on an offshore platform and we are not putting our target on ground, we put it on a wall surface. Job description : Laser Scanning Survey
Can I use the radio in a TSC2 to link to a 5600 robotic? This way I can lose all the cables to the external radio.
I am unable to download site data from Total Station DTM 362. Can you tell what is problem?
What battery would I need for the RTS 555?
Can you interface (take readings, etc.) a Nikon Nivo 5.M and Trimble Access via Bluetooth.
What battery charger would I need for the 49400 battery used with the RTS 555?
How do you get the baud rate from a Nikon DTM 310?
I can import area files from my geodimeter 600 into tgo, but when i export from tgo it says my parameter is incorrect. Any solutions would be helpful?
I am using a Trimble 5600 with georadios. Is there an upgrade? Do I need to replace both the internal and external, or is there an external that will do?
I am using a Trimble 5600 with georadios. Is there an upgrade? Do I need to replace both the internal and external, or is there an external that will do? Answer Two things before I can answer. First, what frequency radio do you have? If the light on the external radio blinks red you have a 450 MHz radio. If it blinks blue you have a 2.4 GHz. If you have a 2.4GHz radio, no problem, we just need to determine which radio is bad. Internal or external. If you have a 450 MHz radio we may have a problem. The 4
I am using a 5600 series Trimble Robotic. It is the 5603 DR200+ we are using a Trimble Georadio 600 and a Trimble TSC3 data collector . The light on our georadio is red so it must be a 450 Mhz.We also use a R8 5600 Trimble gps with this data collector but it is bluetooth. My question is can this radio be repaired or replaced or do we need to have it replaced with the new 2.4 Ghz radio . And what is the cost in replacing it ?
Can a radio (either internal or external) be added to my Trimble TSC2 controller to allow robotic operation of an Trimble S6? Thanks
Do you repair SOKKIA SDR33?
Hello! I have a Trimble 5601 Total Station with DR and would like to ask you if you can upgrade to a DR200 +? Thanks in advance
How do I connect a TSC3 to a Trimble 5600 Total Station?
Geodimeter 600CU is cutting off automatically during set up phase and will not level. Any ideas?
How do I get a Total Station s6 to do a robotic scan of an area based on its screen view and not inputed points?
Do you rent reflectorles guns
Can the S6 tilt error be programmed?
I have a Trimble 5603 robotic station. I've been having trouble connecting the data collector to the station. It initializes the comm 1 port and connects to the station but keeps losing connection. Is this a problem with the station or the radio unit on the prism pole? Do you have parts for the radio unit- I believe it's the 450mhz model. Thanks
How much to upgrade 450 MHz trimble 5603 to 2.4 ghz.
Can a Trimble ACU with built in 2.4 GHz radio be used with a 5600 robot? Also, can the radio in the 5600 be upgraded to a 2.4 GHz?
Can one use an S8 as a machine control unit instead of a SPS930. My S8 connects to my TSC2 whcih has both SPS and Survey Controller onboard. Thanks....
Can a RTS555 be converted to use radios in lieu of Wlan?
On the ALLEGRO CX with CG-Field Plus when we put the Geodimeter into remote mode and try to wake it up with the Allegro CX we get "ERR: 23". What does this mean and how can we resolve it?
Do you rent the Trimble RTS555? If so what is the cost and do you have training for it
I want the price of Trimble M3 DR 3" total station charger.
What is the address to have a total station repaired?
Trimble S6 internal instrument error message keeps coming up


Do you know where I could find one?


Just a test.

What's the difference between the S3 and S6?

What are the advantages of using the Trimble Multi Track target over the original Target ID and 360 prism?


Difference between the R8 and the R6?

I purchased two Trimble 5700 with different requency, one another and 410/430 MHz another 450/470 MHz, can I change the frequency to keep boths gps in the same frequencyt? thanks

I have a Gl 722 and i am not sure how to use the automatic axis alignment mode, please help

We need to lease the whole set up, Rover, controller, radio, cables, ect. Need by March.

Is there a newer geoid model available than the 99 and 03 that we have been using?

Our company is moving from Topcon to Trimble Machine Control. What are the Benefits of UHF over VHF? It seems Trimble's Survey equipment is all VHF based and Machine control is UHF based. We are looking to purchase 3 rovers, 2 excavator systems and 2 Dozer systems and we do not want to buy something that will be outdated in 6 months

Does your GPS BRICK BATTERY include a charger?

What is the main difference between the 5603 and the S6 ? What is the main difference between the Trimble 5603 DR Std, 200 and 300 Robotic Total Station ?

Is there an specific cable needed to connect the Radio to a computer? I need to input more frequencies.


I have been given a Trimble GPS tractor navigation system,,, all the numbers I can find is PN 200-00, 022102, and n324,,, need some info on this product if possible Larry Malone e-mail thanks for any information

Hi, Is there any way that i can connect my Tsc2 to a 3rd party GNNS receiver. I am using an S8 but have a Javad RTK system. Thanks for your help!

What do you need in order to link a TSC2 to a Trimble 5600 Robotic Total Station? Thank You

How can I purchace a battery for my Nikon 522 and how much is it?

When I boot up I get a "Internal Battery has expired" message, but the gun works fine. The manual shows you can have an internal Bat, or a track light, or Autolock, I have Autolock. Where would the internal Battery go and can I insert this myself if purchased from you. Do I need the special tool (Allen Wrench type)?

I'm trying buy a robotic total station on a budget: I was thinking of buying a new LM80 controller and a Trimble 5600 series total station that has been upgraded to robotic status. Is this a good idea? Or do you have any recommendations? Thanks.

I wish to purchase a data controller for layout as a heavy civil contractor (concrete, steel, embeds, piles, excavations, etc) and I'm wondering what the advantages and disadvantages are between the two controllers.

Hello I have the Nikon NE-10L Theodolite. There is a slight sign of the crosshair in the lens but not useable? Ideas? Thanks Alan Rockwood

is the pointer laser adjustable so you can see it better

How do i calibrate a HV401

Where is the Nikon AX-2S-20X made?

I was wondering if a 3306DR total station can be modified by a Trimble dealer to be robotic.

I considering buying a RTS 555 or a 5603. Looking to use it for site construction. Which one will provide less problems and cost. Looking to use LM 80 on either one.

How can I upload XYZ data to DTM 522, I follow the instruction from help menu, but still I cannot upload my data from PC to the DTM 522

I work in concrete, steel and earthwork construction and didn't know which program would best serve my needs.

i cant turn on the total station only flashing the display but does not turn on, the battery is ok. what happend

How can I do to introduce coordenates in trimble MS750 to unkown point

Nikon Digital Theodolite - Model NE-20S-20SC this unit beeps when powered on shows no diplay, I won this unit in auction do not no the first thing about them help....

My instrument will power up but the screen is blank and won't repond to keypad controls, WHAT'S WRONG....DESPERATE

Do you Carry a C59 Rod Clamp for a HR350?

I have equipment that I need values on? Trimble Total Station 3; System W/STI-00021 Tripod Model TRI-560374. 2) 5603 DR200+ Robotic Reflectorless EDM #63322815 3) GPS Antenna (Base Station) #0220080635; GPS Antenna (Rover) #0220079605; Base Receiver #3711A18737; Base Radio 4) Nikon DTM 520 Total Station #D30303-two of each. Can you help me out or tell me where to go to get values? All equipment is less that 4 years old.


what is the newest version in the tsc2 data collector you can use to connect to the 5600 robotic is 12.46 to new

Will a multiport adapter allow me to transfer data from a Ranger with a 26 pin connector to a USB port on my laptop and will I need Active sync or any other software to complete this function?

Can the red flashing diodes in the RMT 604 be replaced? Or can the cicuit board be replaced? Or do I have to replace the complete RMT 604?


How do I run other data collector in place of Geodatwin for Geotracer 3220 dual Freq, DGPS

Do you repair Trimble 4700 receivers. We have one that does not seem to get a satellite signal when the GPS antenna is plugged in. We know it is not the antenna or cable because they work with our other receiver.

do yall have carlson explorer 2

It is equipped with Fischer / ODU 5-pin MALE connector on one end and a DB9F connector on the other end.if the turbo sII is equal to Racal 8 gps

I am looking for a used prism rod with powerstick and rmt606 hotshoe for my geo. 600 system. Do you have one or can you refer me to someone who does?.....Thank You.

We have a Trimble 5603 robot.It has an engineered hole in the center of the handle on top of the instrument. We have seen in publications a GPS receiver mounted to a robot. We are interested in the adapter that seats in that hole and allows for the connection to a 5800 GPS receiver or to whatever receiver it is intended for. The hole itself is truncated having a smaller diameter at the bottom than the top. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

When we see object it seems slight green shadow around the object(on edge of the object) at the distance about 1000m and above.Is it the problem of EDM.


I bought a used Juno st on an auction down loaded terra sync and active sync on my computer can't run it because when i register my unit it comes up with it already registered is there a solution to this or did I waste my money?

Does your used GPS equipment come with any kind of warranty?


Can you offer used or new radios (Trimble HPB450 and internal radio for the Trimble 5700)? If yes, what will be your price for each item? Regards


what is the differance between new Trimble M3 DR 3" and Trimble 3603 3" Total station?

I have purchased some antique surveying instruments and would like to know where to go and who to contact about the selling price of these on today's market where would you suggest I go? Thanks, bjc
I have a Nikon DTM-450 Total Station with tri-pod what is it worth in this economy?