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The Martin Instrument Freedom Lease

  • The Freedom Plan allows you to sign up for your Trimble equipment needs of today with the freedom to return it later with no penalty and the freedom to cancel at any time.
  • Allows you access to Trimble’s newest cutting-edge survey equipment with a low capital investment (10% down).
  • Stay current with Trimble’s aggressive Research & Development schedule (New GPS models historically released every 18-24 months).

We understand that sometimes companies need to return equipment for all kinds of reasons, from business slowdown to the need for different technology. But many conventional leases keep you locked into your original term.

At Martin Instrument, you can cancel whenever you want with no questions asked.


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Freedom to return equipment

With the Freedom Plan, you have total control over which technology you use and you always have the flexibility to return the equipment. Whether you want a new product that has just been released or you require different tools for the job, you can return the equipment in your Freedom Plan any time during the 24-month term with no penalties.

Freedom to purchase

At the end of your plan or any time during the term, you have the freedom to purchase your Freedom Plan equipment. We'll calculate its value at the time, without regard to the time remaining on the plan and without a penalty for early payoff.

Now that's Freedom. We look forward to helping you get exactly what you need.